Privacy Notice

What are cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on a device. Cookies can improve visitors’ browsing experience because they help websites remember preferences and understand how people use different features.

Functional and Required Cookies
Squarespace uses some necessary cookies because they allow visitors to navigate and use key features on GPM's site. These cookies vary from site to site depending on the features it uses.


Analytics and Performance Cookies
We use Analytics and Performance cookies to collect information about how visitors interact with GPM's site. 


We collect traffic data including Unique Visitors, Visits, and Pageviews. This traffic data includes Visits by Device Type, Visits by Source, Visits by Browser, and Visits by Operating System. Traffic Sources data includes Search, Referral, Social, and Direct sources. We collect geographic data that includes sources by Country. In addition, we collect click data for our Forms & Buttons and Google Search Keywords. Finally, the Activity Log collects data regarding Time of Visit, Visitor's IP Address, and Page Titles visited. 

Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information to design our site in a way that functions properly for all visitors and to provide helpful content for users of GPM's site. 

Who do we share the information with?

We do not sell visitor information with anyone. Our site is connected to GPM's Facebook, GPM's LinkedIn, and GPM's Google Search Console. Typically, third-party services accept data from, or embed content into, GPM's site, with Squarespace acting as a pass-through for the data or displaying the content.
Squarespace stores our data in multiple Tier III data centers across the United States. Squarespace serve images and other static assets via multiple geographically distributed content delivery networks (CDNs). This system ensures that the data in each page view is served from the data center closest to the visitor’s location. All Squarespace sites are hosted across Squarespace's private cloud with full redundancy.